When your electrical wiring is outdated, you risk fire hazards. Faulty wiring can cause outlets and switches to melt, leaving exposed wires.

Wiring Upgrade

If you find yourself frequently tripping the breakers, using extension cords, or dealing with two-pronged outlets, you may need an electrical service upgrade. A professional electrician at Ampi Electric Inc. can perform the job.

If you have an older home, it is a good idea to have a wiring upgrade done. This will bring it up to current safety standards and ensure that your family is safe from faulty wiring, which can be a fire hazard. The upgrade will also make it possible to install new electrical devices in your home, such as a smart-home system.

In many homes, the electrical wiring is not able to handle the amount of electricity needed to run all of the appliances and devices in the home. This can cause a lot of things to happen, including overheating, which can lead to a fire. An upgrade will help prevent this from happening by adding additional circuits to your house and ensuring that your wiring is up to code.

Upgrading your wiring can also help you save on your energy bills. Older systems use more power than they should, which can increase your utility bills significantly. Newer wiring is more efficient, which can reduce your utility bills and may even qualify you for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Another reason to consider a wiring upgrade is that it will increase the resale value of your home. Many potential buyers may be turned off by older, unsafe wiring and will not want to buy your home if it has this issue. Upgrading your home’s wiring will improve its safety and bring it up to code, which can make it more appealing to potential buyers.

If you are planning on doing any major renovations in your home, such as installing a kitchen remodel, it is a good idea to have an electrical wiring upgrade done before the work begins. The extra capacity provided by the upgrade will ensure that all of your tools and equipment have enough power to run without overheating or causing a fire. In addition, having an electrician inspect your wiring before starting any construction projects can help to avoid a lot of problems down the road. The electrician will be able to tell you whether or not your current wiring is up to code and can recommend any changes that might need to be made.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to reducing the risk of fire hazards, wiring upgrades can improve home energy efficiency. Modern devices like kitchen appliances, televisions, and computer equipment require a lot of electricity to operate. If your electrical wiring system cannot handle the demand, it can overheat and lead to a fire. The same goes for wires that are not large enough to carry the current that flows through them. During an upgrade, electricians can add more circuits to your home’s breaker box to allow the system to handle the load.

Aside from the risk of fire, faulty wiring can shorten the lifespan of your appliances and reduce their performance. For example, if your home’s wiring cannot manage the power required by your washing machine and dishwasher, the appliances may overheat and wear down faster. This will also affect their operation and result in high electric bills.

An electrical service upgrade will bring your house up to national standards of safety. This will protect your family and could save you money by lowering the premiums your insurance company charges for coverage.

If your home is 40 years old or older, there’s a good chance that the wiring is obsolete and dangerous. In fact, the National Fire Prevention Association says faulty wiring is the chief cause of home fires. During the upgrade, the electrician will disconnect your old service from the utility company, replace the meter cabinet and piping to the breaker box, and install an upgraded main panel.

After the upgrade, the contractor will re-connect your electrical service and test the fuses and breakers to ensure that everything is working as it should. The entire process should take about a day. During that time, you’ll need to be offsite because there will be no electricity in your home during the installation. During that time, the electrician will need to work with your local utility company to connect you to new services. You’ll need to have a backup generator in place or make arrangements with a neighbor to borrow one. Aside from this inconvenience, the upgrade is a quick and simple way to keep your home safe and efficient.

Increased resale value

The electrical system in your home or building is responsible for the power supply to your appliances and electronic devices. Over time, this wiring can become damaged or outdated. Upgrading it can improve your quality of life, help you save money on electricity costs, and reduce the risk of fire hazards caused by outdated wiring. Upgrading the wiring can also increase your home’s resale value.

It may be difficult to sell your house if you have outdated wiring, and many potential buyers will be wary of buying a property with an old system. By hiring an electrician to perform a service upgrade, you will be bringing your house up to modern standards of safety and efficiency. You can also enjoy lower insurance rates and avoid the high premiums that often come with older systems.

If your house or apartment is based on a 60-amp service, then upgrading to 200 amps will be necessary. This will allow you to use a variety of newer appliances and equipment without worrying about overloading the circuits. Moreover, modern wiring will prevent dangerous voltage spikes that can lead to expensive electricity bills and even cause damage to appliances.

A standard electrical service upgrade will include an upgraded panel, a new meter socket, and the installation of breakers and ground rods. However, you should consider incorporating structured wiring into the service upgrade, as this will add more value to your home. This is because it allows you to connect modern devices like TVs, stereo equipment, computers, game consoles, and phones to the internet. It also facilitates remote control of your security, heating, and lighting systems.

Having your home or apartment’s wiring updated by a professional is a cost-effective way to improve your living space and ensure the safety of you and your family. Whether you are planning to stay in your home for a long time or plan on selling it, a service upgrade can make your life more comfortable and raise its resale value.


Many homeowners don’t think about upgrading their electrical wiring until they need to add a new outlet or rewire their home for appliances like a hot tub. However, upgrading your electrical service is important for preventing fire hazards and making your life more convenient with increased power output.

A typical upgrade includes replacing the line-side service entrance cable, meter base, and weather head along with your electric meter. In addition, your electrical panel will be replaced with a new one that’s properly sized for your home. Sometimes, it’s possible to keep the existing electric meter in place and just replace the panel. This may be less expensive, but it’s still important to make sure the new system meets your home’s current requirements.

An upgraded service will include the proper number of circuits to meet your household needs and allow for new or larger appliances without overloading the system. If you’re tripping your breakers on a regular basis, your wiring isn’t up to par. Upgrading to 200 amps can solve this problem and provide the power necessary for modern appliances.

You’ll also benefit from the convenience of having enough outlets to handle all your electronics and devices, plus you can get rid of those unsafe two-pronged outlets for your computers, phones, and tablets. Structured wiring, including data cables, can also be included in your electrical service upgrade to give you the capability for home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) remote control of heating, cooling, lighting, and security systems.